Steven Lopez: After Midnight Prints

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Steven Lopez: After Midnight Prints

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cimg0446Tina Turner

To the Queen of Rock n’ Roll goes the spoils of Rhythm and funk. I have never seen her perform on stage but I can only imagine it being out of sight. It’s not just her music career that intrigues me but her personal strength off the stage that captivates me. Her story is a testament of committing one-self to their goals and beliefs.



A beautiful woman that let her presence known in 2001 was armed with a voice and a guitar. I’m attracted by artist that are multi-faceted. The song that I chose helps me reflect on my own hardships and rising above. The first time I saw her in concert was when she opened up for Sade. That was a sight to behold. Her stage presence stood above her studio recordings. I’m please to have Ms. Arie as part of the After Midnight series.


Aretha Franklin

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I can not ignore the voice and sheer talent that Aretha Franklin has showcased. Let it be known that she is the quintessential Queen of Soul. I’ve always enjoyed her popular songs such as, “Respect”, “Think”, and “A Natural Woman”. Such hits were created when she signed on to Atlantic. Her albums, “Lady Soul” and “Soul 69” show how deep the woman can go.


Erykah Badu

How can such a big voice come from such a petite frame? Erykah Badu has had my ears since her first album. I remember in the summer of 1997 listening to her music. I had come off of long term relationship and it seemed like her music cradled my heart. I couldn’t tell if it was the summer heat or the melodies of her music that made me feel warm inside. Her album became the soundtrack to my life during that time. You know when that happens, you can’t help but reminisce about those days that once were. Surprisingly, her album releases have been parallel to all my break-ups except for this last one. With such an emotional charge from me to her music, it is only right that I homage to her and her music.



My father introduced me to her music when i worked with him. The first song I ever heard from her was “Hang on to your love”. It wasn’t until her Love Deluxe album did I start to really pay attention to her music. by this point I had her whole catalog and bought her “best of” CD, just for ” Please send me someone to love”. I saw her Lovers Rock tour in 2001 and when I heard the new rendition of “Paradise” I wanted to grab my chair and fling it into the crowd because it was so punk rock. I love her music but this version of paradise gets me amped up.


Minnie Riperton

She is the queen of hearts. There is a certain caliber of singing that is held by few and wanted by many. Minne Riperton belongs in the top echelon. Her voice is a window sent from heaven. Her singing is an auditory spectacle into the world of unconditional love. I ask myself what is it about her that attracts me to her music? It’s easy for me to say that her vocal range was second to none. But I challenge others to look beyond that and hear the spaces between her words. Her poetry is the effort of love pouring out of her soul. Songs like hers don’t come around that often, if at all. I hope that other singers see her as a standard of what a love song should talk about. It’s an era that she crowned with her voice. I know that this world was meant to catch a glimpse of her. She was put here to show the possibility of a life of love.


Jill Scott

I’m a big fan of Jill Scott. Her first album is always being played. What drew me to her was the refreshing sound that was missing from the radio. She had come from the place that so many people lack or hold dearly, love. In fact, her aura seems to be personified by how she dresses and holds herself. And to top it off she can write the words to the songs she sings. That means a lot to me. Her second album helped me overcome some of own challenges. Her words in the song family reunion helped me mend my own family ties, amen. It was at that point that I need to give something back to her.

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