License to Bed

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License to Bed

These Days sleeping with someone could be your life. Being sexually promiscuous isn’t like it was years ago. Today sleeping with someone new or even dating someone new can be a scary experience. Waking up with some guy or gal that you don’t know might be the least of your worries. In 2004, the incidence rates were substantially higher for African-Americans than for whites for all reported STDs; specifically, 8.4 times higher for Chlamydia, 18.9 times higher for gonorrhea, 5.6 times higher for primary and secondary syphilis, and 15.7 times higher for congenital syphilis.

Young and concerned entrepreneur Eli Dancy of Bed Sty, NY has created a new and innovative way to be more responsible when it comes to involving yourself with someone. Whether it be the first time or the twentieth time the Safe Sex License can save you from getting into a sticky situation.
In Dec. 2004, Eli Dancy was extremely proud to introduce the world’s first and only Safe Sex License to NYC. Now, going on 3 years later and over 15,000 members strong, STFree introduces the world to its’ new online registration for HIV/AIDS testing. HIV is a major issue that has remained constant yet the infection rates have dramatically increased.

A clinically backed, wallet-sized photo ID works like this.
Step 1: You dial the number on the back of the card.
Step 2: You enter the members number located on the back of the card.
Step 3: You enter the members pin # (provided by the member)
Step 4: You press 1 and listen to the last two times that the member was test for HIV and other STD’s.
(STF also provides accounts for herpes, gonorrhea, and other STDs that require more frequent testing

Indeed just because you know the persons last STD test was negative doesn’t mean that as they stand in front of you they are in the clear. The program does though encourage individuals to go out and get tested, and will aid in follow up visits to a clinic to be tested regularly. When you are signed up to have the card you receive things like 24/7 nationwide access to testing history via telephone, verification of testing information, notification of scheduled testing appointments along with some other perks.
Well, what’s the verdict? Are you rushing out to get tested and receive your STFree license.
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