Since When is Satire Softhearted?

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Since When is Satire Softhearted?

Article By: Redd

Just weeks after Vanity Fair Covered it’s sister publication, The New Yorker with an image of presidential hopeful Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama looking like the Taliban ready for war, a painting of Bin Laden hanging above the fireplace mantle, and the American flag burning in the fireplace. Vanity Fair released a second cover (probably to get everyone off their back) featuring good ol’ John and Carol McCain. McCain is walking with the aid of a walker and Carol holding a handful of prescription pill bottles, giving each other a first bump. The same fist bump they gave Mr and Mrs. Obama hell about.

But wait, the cover is only shown online?!?!

Everyone knows that Mcain is old, so what’s the hilarity in that? Mcains cover seems rather light hearted rather than a jab like the one featuring the Obamas.
First things first. Barack Obama is not a Muslim. Not to mention his wife is not a gun- toting , fem-revolutionist. Obama does not support Osama Bin Laden and he has already said he would never burn an American flag.

Obama has been under fire about his so-called “lack” of a sense of humor. But is this caricature funny or downright demeaning?

Readers of the magazine felt that the cover was unnecessary and not funny at all. These negative feelings and comments
were quite obvioulsly left on VF’s post proudly presenting the cover:

“Too bad you couldn’t fit in Cindy’s mob ties to the Bud distributorship
or the back-tax notices on the CA property.”

and some like this,

“To match Michelle’s harsh treatment being portrayed as a gun totting’ Angela Davis I think you missed the opportunity to drape Cindy in the trappings of the mega wealth she possesses. Somehow the bland top and sweatpants is no spoof at all. I’m disappointed.”

Other people went so far as to actually call Mcain and his wife out on things that has yet to be discussed by the media.

“Why tell not about McCains past? His ADs only tells about when he was a POW. What happen to his first wife? Womanizing? He voted against MLK Birthday and we all know it. Everybody know that McCain is too old.”

I guess everyone finds Senetor McCain’s jokes poking fun at his age every once in a while to be side splitting because that’s the only sight at a sense of humor I see he has.
Obama has yet to say a word about either cover. Is this his “lack” of humor or his focus on what’s truly important? Are we looking for a comedian or someone to pick up the pieces of whats left of our country?
Personally I think that he (Obama) must have a great sense of humor among other things to hold up so well in all the drama surrounding his rise to our democratic nominee. Yes John and Carol McCain have been joked and criticized, but has it been even close to the ridicule the Obamas receive.
I have heard plenty of jokes and have seen his participation in more than enough spoofs.

Am I the only one?

This image is from at The Seattle Post-Intelligencer web site. Yet again dipicting Mcain as too old of a candidate for our president.

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